About COTA Travel Insurance

Peace of mind when you travel

Going on holidays is one of the most enjoyable things we can do and Travel Insurance offers many benefits and assures you of peace of mind whether you are relaxing on the beach in Hawaii or walking the Great Wall of China.

As the 50+ Travel Insurance Specialists, we are committed to providing travel insurance for seniors. So no matter what your age is or whether you have certain existing medical conditions, it doesn’t mean you can't get travel insurance.

Why choose COTA for your travel insurance?

  • Simple - Call 1300 1300 50 (local call cost).
  • Affordable - Competitive rates for Domestic, Frequent Traveller and Comprehensive and Basic overseas travel insurance.
  • Choice – Quality, comprehensive travel insurance products to suit your budget and needs.
  • Easy claims process - We know things can go wrong and understand that if you do need to make a claim, you want it to be settled quickly. This is why the claims process has been made as easy and as simple as possible.

Compare the features and benefits

  • Medical Assessments completed over the phone.
  • An easy and friendly phone application process.
  • Cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits.
  • Medical and hospital expenses cover for an overseas medical emergency.
  • Cover for your luggage if it is permanently lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.
  • Your dependent children and grandchildren covered at no extra cost.