These checklists help explain what you need to do when something happens and what documents you need to collect – before, during and after your travels.

What to do when an event happens under your COTA policy:

Before or during your travels, unexpected events may occur which affect your plans. When they do, immediately refer to your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for help to get your plans back on track and minimise costs.

If you need to make a claim, read below for the documentation you need to gather for each event. Keep in mind that some documents are easier to collect while you’re still travelling, such as medical and police reports, so we recommend that you become familiar with this information and the requirements noted in the PDS.

If you need to claim, we require evidence of the event and any expenses you incurred, including:

  • A completed claim form
  • Incident reports from service providers, event organisers, police and/or other authorities
  • Hospital admission reports; doctors’ and specialists’ reports; death certificates
  • Original travel itinerary and alternative travel arrangements made and/or offered by service providers
  • Compensation offered by service providers
  • Medical bills; damage reports/repair quotes; medical bills; rearrangement costs for transport and/or accommodation

The minimum documentation required for each event is listed below and is a guide only. Depending on the specific circumstances of the actual event, we may ask you for additional information to complete our investigation.

What to do when: